Saturday, January 12, 2013

Made Right Here for DIY Business Association

I had the pleasure of profiling Made Right Here for DIY Business Association this past week. You can read my article here.

Made Right Here business profile for DIY Business Association

I met Max, who I interviewed in the article, while serving as a member on the 2012 Share Our Strength's Taste of Chicago planning committee. We became friends on Facebook, and through that I learned about the show he created, Made Right Here, with pal Joe Gannon. It struck a nerve with me for two reasons: I admired the can-do optimism the duo showed by throwing together their own show and pitching it around to networks and also the material. Predicated on a love both men share for fine American craftswork, Made Right Here seeks to highlight the traditions behind locally made products (like clothing, baseball gloves and boats) and the people who are responsible for making them. 

As the public continues to become more and more aware of its food sources, it seems only natural that curiosity would extend to other products as well. Max actually got the idea to explore clothing manufacturers in particular after volunteering at a local farmer's market. "As I began to appreciate the special relationship I'd developed with the producers of my food, it began to extend to my work," he commented during the interview. "I wanted to know more about the people making the things I use day-to-day."

With the show also comes a hope that American craftsmanship will regain its footing. Says Max, "It's impossible to imagine America will ever be the industrial behemoth it once was, but it's my hope as more companies begin to witness the benefit of overseeing a base of production that occurs closer to home, we see an abundance of new industries spring to life in this country."

Peep the trailer to see the Made Right Here men at work and visiting companies from Texas to Tennessee. 

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