Friday, April 20, 2012

Postcards: Gunflint Trail & Grand Marais, Minnesota

When I booked our trip to Gunflint Lodge, I was expecting a snow-filled weekend of cross country skiing and dog mushing. That was before 75 degree days arrived in March. Suffice it to say, "Mud Season" came early to the Northwoods this year. The area typically has heavy snow and frozen lakes through May. “It’s the earliest thaw I’ve ever seen,” Sherry Baker of the nearby Gunflint Pines Resort told us. “And I’ve been here since ’89.”

Without the snow we, like everyone else on the trail, had to improvise.

Driving along the iron-ore red Gunflint Trail, at dusk. 

Scenes from Gunflint Lodge
Morning visitor
Gunflint Lake
White Pine
No dog sledding in mud season
Cozy cabin for two
First berries
Wood pile
Justine Kerfoot, Northwoods adventurer.
Boat at sea
Ancient moss
I see Canada

Artist's Point in Grand Marais, Minnesota. 
Grand Marais
Names in stone, 1902.

We brake for fresh pies
Fresh pie
Blueberry, cherry and strawberry medley

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