Sunday, April 1, 2012

Art project: WPA postcard collage

See America, through the eyes of the WPA artists who created thousands of designs like the one below. WPA posters were intended to "stir the public's imagination" for national travel and through their creation, lent relief to many out of work artists during the Depression. The bright colors and dream-like quality of the illustrations capture the sense of wonder one can experience only while visiting our nation's most surreal and magnificent natural spaces.

I've been collecting the postcard versions of the posters for a while now, and just decided to display them in a way that would stir my imagination, too. 

These were mounted on a white canvas board using double-sided sticky tape. A nice way to remember the places I've seen and imagine those I haven't yet.


  1. Hey Megan, really love this project! I'm obsessed with the WPA - my great grandfather was hired as an artist to paint murals in San Francisco, but more importantly I just think it is a brilliant idea.

    I've often dreamed of a new gen of WPA artwork that sings the praises of local tourism and exploration of America's parks. Unfortunately, I'm not an artist, I'm a game designer, so the closest thing I could do was design this:

    Anyways, love your blog. Keep up the killer posts!

  2. Hi J Gott! Thanks for your feedback, and for sharing your family history. I am a little obsessed with the WPA, too. How cool that your great grandpa had a role in it!

    Thanks too, for sharing your game design - very cool project. I appreciate you stopping to reading my little blog :)

  3. I love these post cards and am a collector as well! Nice display!