Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art project: antique Pepsi-Cola box as spice rack

I've seen this done in restaurants before, and wanted to try it out at home. I like the old wood and the way that it adds some texture to my otherwise bland kitchen wall. I found a shop in Lakeview called Haymarket that sells these antique boxes and was able to barter my way down from 20$ to 17$. Mike said it wasn't a very good deal for an old, dusty box. Maybe you'll have better luck negotiating than me.

It took some time for me to figure out the best way to hang it - the wood is fragile, and not very sturdy (you can see how it dips and curves, which, although charming, can present a logistical problem). At first I tried hanging it up with hooks, but it stuck too far out from the wall. I finally decided on a combination of double sided tape (I attached three strips to each side, and along the middle) and two nails to keep it upright. The support was just enough for a few cooking spices, a candle, some matches and my good luck pig.

If I can find a cheaper deal, I'm planning to put up another shelf box in the dining room for wine glasses.

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  1. I hate to potentially upset you about your bargaining skills, but Chrissy and I each got two free boxes from a winery in Detroit recently that are very cool. If you want, I can get you a few of those too.

    This is very cute though, and I love it! I am so disappointed I did not get to see you when I was in Chicago. Billy said we are going to try to visit you in December, if you guys are not too busy!